Trier turbine manufacturer HSI and Environment Week

German President and the DBU (Germany’s Federal Foundation for the Environment) highlight innovative achievement

HSI Hydro Engineering, manufacturer of mobile hydropower facilities, has once again been selected to appear at Environment Week in Berlin. In the gardens of Schloss Bellevue, the official residence of the German President, managing director Peter Marx will be representing the region of Trier. From a pool of over 600 applicants, an expert jury has selected 190 exhibitors to showcase their innovative ideas. On show will be the company’s mobile hydropower plant from Trier docks.
HSI Hydro Engineering is an internationally in-demand provider of, and committed investor in, complete solutions for future-focused environmental and sustainability projects. The company’s turbines and other facilities are testament to its expertise and willingness to innovate – qualities that its customers worldwide have come to trust and rely on.

The environmental exhibition organised by German President Joachim Gauck and the DBU sets the bar high for its exhibitors. According to DBU general secretary Heinrich Bottermann, PhD, the exhibition on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th June will feature only “the most outstanding innovations for the protection of the environment and the natural world.” The specialist audience of around 12,000 invited guests from industry, science and politics will be treated to some fascinating insights. An “immense diversity of new, environmentally-friendly technologies, products, services and concepts” is now coming on stream to help meet our obligations to future generations.

One of Europe’s largest foundations, the BDU has since 1990 been supporting innovative flagship environmental projects with, to date, almost 1.6bn euros of funding. This is now the fifth Environment Week to take place since 2002, and only the best projects have been selected for show. Selection criteria are based on not just quality, sustainability and design, but on social, technical and commercial feasibility. This year, the exhibition is focusing on climate change, energy, natural resources, biodiversity, transport, traffic, construction, water, soil and air quality, and how we live.

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